PHP Web Applications I can offer.

Simple Blog, Forum, Shopping Cart, Project Management System and a CMS site, all are PHP 8.0 with MySQL 8.0 Databases. Interested in having any of these, or a custom application added to your existing site, contact me today.

All web applications are licensed under the End User License Agreement (EULA). All web applications written by Ceze Darling.


Various websites using using different programing languages. Mostly using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS / JQuery, React and Bootstrap.

Westcliff Bible Church Site Homepage

Westcliff Bible Church

Church in Amarillo Texas with Pastor Steven Waterhouse. I attended the church for several years and felt compled to help them spread their message.

Live Site

Frontline Alternative Medicine Website

Frontline Alternative Medicine

Bootstrap site using AOS for Animations on page. Built for an amazing person and a wonderful friend.

Live Site

EG5 Solutions Website

Super Simple Laravel Site

Just a super simple laravel site I built and keep up to work on my Laravel skill set.

Live Site

IOS and Android - Hybrid Mobile Applications

Today's market place demands a mobile platform for your online social relationship. Face it, today's youth think any device with a moving picture on it is an interactive touch screen; times have changed and continue to change around us even as you read this little tidbit. So, with that being said, simply having a mobile presence is not the magic bullet we crave but it is a step in the right direction and CeZe can help you out.

Here are a couple IOS and Android Mobile applications, made using JQuery and PhoneGap / Apache Cordova to port to mobile devices. These are fairly old, I have been working on some new ones using ReactNative with PHP APIs and also working with Phaser js and Apache Cordova to make some mobile and web based games.