Tracking QR Codes with Google Analytics

So you want to use QR codes but you’re not sure how to track them in Google Analytics. There are four steps to getting the URLs ready and generating the QR codes that will be ready for tracking using Google Analytics campaign tracking.

Easy enough using the Google URL Builder. This tool adds a string to the end of your website URL which Google Analytics interprets and tracks in the Campaign section of your analytics (Look under traffic sources if you have never used this functionality before)

For the example above this is how you might set up the URL for the postcard.

  • Website URL:
  • Campaign Source: QR Code
  • Campaign Medium: Postcard
  • Campaign Name: Newsletter Sign Up Coupon

After you have filled it out then all that is next is to hit generate and copy that URL. Don’t forget to generate one for each segment you want to track. You may want to start a spreadsheet to keep these all straight for the next step.

Now use your favorite URL Shortener to shorten the link, there are many options. I suggest you take a look at either or Both of these services have good analytics of their own and are widely used. Technically URL shortening is optional as you can in theory generate a QR code that for the URL you built in the last step. The reason why you don’t want to do that is because QR codes get bigger based on the number of characters in the URL. In order to make a QR code that can be reasonably worked into the creative of your promotion the shortener URLs are much better.

I have a barcode generator but if you don't have a program to generate the QR code, you might try Search the Internet if you would like to use something else, there are several options available.

Now you should be able to login to your Google Analytics account and see the results for the QR code scans.


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