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Hello, I am CeZe Darling.

How about a little information about me and what I can offer your next project.

My Greatest Value to a project or team.

I have a keen instinct for knowing how to instruct even the highest-performing experts.

One whom excels at breaking down the technical skill of doing something, and then can stay with you to make sure you have a true understanding. It is not enough merely to answer your questions; instead I want to see how I can interpret your answers and incorporate them into what we do next, following up to ensure we are doing exactly as advised. Typically I am drawn to the highest performing team members, because, in my eyes, the highest performers are the ones with the greatest potential.

I am a practical, fluid thinker most powerful when reacting to or solving other's problems. I have a passion for putting multiple services together to make something bigger and better. My level-headed balance of ethical and practical solutions, tangled with my ability to take the whole, pull it apart to see a better configuration, then create it keeps me above the pack. While having a great since of optimism, I am also a realist at heart, and have no problem giving you the straight answer. Compelled to help those in need and trilled to see the new potential in each person and project. True self power comes from learning how to best unleash that potential.

Let's simplify your most difficult tasks.

CeZe Darling Web Developer

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I like listening to people tell me what they do and how they do it. I am a constant learner and continually taking courses to sharpen skills. For me there is something energizing about the process of getting to a point where I've mastered a new skill, Recently I took a Master course on all aspects of SEO and advertising for you site or application. I like getting down in the dirt with people, seeing the world through their eyes. Customers, colleagues, friends — I think I can trully help them if only I can see their perpectives.

To be more specific, I am extremely comfortable working with front-end applications and websites. Navigating MySQL databases and working with complex calculations. While these can drive some to drink, they excite my imagination. I enjoy tackling small or large scale applications, here are a few examples.

Primarily I develop utilizing PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, React, JavaScript & & JQuery; while using realm, firebase, SQL or MySQL databases exclusively. I feel right at home with most all Adobe product in the Creative Suite and can work Photoshop designs to front-end code. I started in design long before development and still use Adobe CC today. Working with core functionality or framework technology does not scare me with experience in Symfony, Laravel and CodeIgniter. I am a WordPress Ninja with close to 15 years of experience using and programing custom functionality for projects.

Plus I have past Web and Application development roles in the Financial Sector and Government Regulated fields so, I am no stranger to regulations and layers of documentation.

Looking for a Website to advertise your business, an online application to make ease of specific tasks you perform daily. Have a Wordpress website that you don't know what to do with, I am ready to help make your vision a reality.

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